3 Types of Real Estate Investing Every Agent Needs to Learn

When it comes to property investing, we are exposed to outstanding opportunities all the time. Sadly, we often don’t have the cash or real estate clients to take advantage of them. They turn into “the deals that got away.” The key to jumping on the right opportunities for yourself or your clients is knowing what they are and how to spot them. If you can identify investment opportunities for...

Featured Company Of The Month – Fog Off

Tenerife property agents company of the month for June is Fog Off - most probably one of the best pest control companies on our wonderful island here in Tenerife. Many of our existing clients and readers already use Fog Off for pest control,l and if not, then we highly recommend this company. There’s a definite air of hopeful anticipation around in Tenerife at the moment! The weather is warming up,...


How to get a mortgage in Tenerife

How to get a mortgage in Tenerife When buying property in Tenerife you may need to arrange a Tenerife mortgage to help you fund your purchase. Our dedicated team of sales executive can help you to get a mortgage here in a transparent and simple method that allows you to understand the process every step of the way. As we work with the majority of Spanish banks our staff can arrange a mortgage to suit...

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